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    grande, grandissimo. hai fatto il miglior gioco da tavolo del mondo. per design, regole, giocabilità, divertimento, scalabilità, coinvolgimento, immaginario. vorrei chiederti: dopo wings e sails, non si dovrebbe completare la trilogia con i tanks, applicando un sistema di gioco simile?
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    Hi, I have a quick & simple ruling question:
    In bombing missions, particularly "bomb london" in the "wings of war: flight of the giants" rulebook, is it legal to use airplane's machine guns (strafe) target cards?
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    Angiolillo Thanks for your time and patience with my spelling. D deck it is Kind Regards Alastair
  4. You mean Buffalo, isn't it? Well maybe the C undersimates Zero's capabilities. Anyway you are right, waiting for one made on purpose (I planned a booster pack for it) I'd rather use the D one.
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    Angilillo what manouver card set would you suggest for a Brewster Bufferlow. Many others have suggested a C deck but that is the same as the Zero and there is no way a Bufferlow was any where near the manourvrability of a Zero. Thanks Alastair
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    Thanks Andrea will look forward to the official details, in the meantime I am clearing my credit card for DoW Series III, as stated we are organising a Battle of Malta campaging so the Italian and German planes will fit in well. Regards Alastair
  7. Hello!

    Please be patient 2 weeks more and we will have official clarificatrions. Here a little FAQ in the meantime:

    In UK it will be Esdevium quite for sure.
    In USA thewree will be several (I read Alliance, ACD, PHD, GTS and Lion Rampant ).
    In Australia I do not know yet.

    All the best!

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    Andrea, with the recent changes to the distribution of wings of war, as I have read a lot of specultation can you clarify who will be the distribitor/s for Australia, USA and UK. Secondly as an approximation what can we expect to see when? I understand that you yourself may not be able to answer these questions. Regards Alastair
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    Thank you Andrea, going to have fun with my Hurricane MKII other members of my club do not know I have one Thanks Alastair
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    Gudday Andrea, can you surgest what armament should be given to a MK2 Hurricane with 4 x 20mm Cannon. Also may I surgest that for the next round of bombers a Cant. 1007 be included, as with the pending release of DoW series 3 planes the Battle for Malta would be covered nicely. Kind regards Alastair
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    Salve Andrea!
    Just a quick note to say that I'm a big fan of your game and that I have rarely seen so many people hooked on a game after just one little demo.
    Many thanks for that!

    René "Bilbo" Bartholemy from Brussels
  12. Thanks a lot for your very kind comments! A Hanriot in 3 color schemes (2 italian and 1 Belgian one) will appear in a not too far future... it is a great plane indeed! Within Series 7 I'd say.
    But what do you mean by "details"? Historical accounts?
    Sorry for being late anwering. On it could be quicker - emals are directly delivered in my mailbox.

    Thanks a lot and all the best!

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    Gudday Angiolino. Further to my last I have found the No2 Sqn Raaf web sight, but it is down at the moment. Afriend is getting me the address of the Sectary of the Association to whom I will write requesting require details of the B25 in question. Regards Alastair
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    Gudday Angiolillo Re RAAF Mitchells. Bit of back ground history. These aircraft were flown by No2 Squadron RAAF, and were first introduced in 1944 replacing the Beaufighters they were flying at the time. Due to crews being posted from one squadron to another (as you will know and I have only just found out) its a bit difficult to find out names of pilots.
    The one pilot who was definitly flying B25 in No 2 Sqn is Pilot Officer Roy Lee Grover, as he has written a book about his experiences. I will order the book and let you know if I come up with anymore names, But P/O R L Grover flew B25's. Hope this is of some help Alastair
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    Thanks for the news I will see what I can do about the crew of the Mitchell. Glad to see there is a night fighter Beaufighter, for the Australian one as much as I hate to re-paint a perfectly good model thats what I will do. Kind Regards Doug
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    Angiolillo thanks for letting me know about the WW2 Series 4 aircraft they will all be great. However with the Beaufighter could you consider making 1 an Australian one we used 581 of these aircraft and were in service till 1957. The japs hated Australian Beaufighters nicknameing it "the wispering death" I can find out about Australian pilots for you. The second request is how about a British night fighter, preferably the one flown by Britians top night fighter ace "Cats eyes Cunningham" The Australian Beaufighter is a must as you have not made an Australian plane. The night fighter would be nice. Thanks for putting up with my constant requests. Doug
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    Got my Series 4 WW1 minature, what more can I say except another set of excellent minatures. Cannot wate for Series 5.

    On to Series 4 for WW2 could you do a Pacific set with an American Dauntles and Avenger and Jap Oscar and Kate torpedo bomber Regards Doug
  18. Hello and Greetings from Carlos of Portugal
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    Angiolillo have just purchased the revolution in the sky's blister pack, I orginally got it for the manour decks, however I was soon facinated by the aircraft itself. Will you be making this as a model as it can be use in so many theaters. I would like to see a Russian one, one for the Spanish civil war, and most of all one for the Nationalist Chinnes. Add to that a Jap Nakajima Ki27 (nate) and this would realy make for some good pre-war games!
  20. Andrea, I just started playing a couple of months ago with my two older sons and we love it; it is such a fun time and we aren't in front of the TV! Keep up the good work!
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    Thought I woul take a moment to say thank you. This is a great game, made better by the miniatures. Thanks to you I have the best collection of WWI aircraft I have ever had(plus I get to use them in the game instead of them just sitting on a shelf). And I have been interested in WWI aviation since the late 1960's when I was a kid. Great selection of aircraft miniatures, and it only looks to get better with furture releases. Plus I don't mind the wait as it gives me time to save up some money so I can buy the full set. Keep up the great work! greg
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    Gudday Angiolillo, has just got my first batch of the new WW2 aicraft and I like the way you have supplied a wide range of natioalities. I find this helpful for not only do I use the aircraft for wings of war games but also for air support in WW2 miniatures wargames with the rules I use (Rapid Fire) you only get to use one aircraft per side but it still makes you think what type of aircraft is my oponent going to use (we use the WoW for air combat). Of the WW2 Serice 2 aircraft the Russian Hurricane has got to be the best Doug
  23. Hi!

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. The Me110 will be in Series 4. Bombers are comiung too, inclusing one for Battle of Britains, but for the moment the Do17 will be cards only. Just let me some more time before I can give a preciuse official announcement...

    All the best,

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    Gudday Angiollo When the Dawn of war was released I thought yuo would be concentrating on (in my opion) the two greatest air battles of WW2, ergo Battle of Brittian and Midway. As much as I look forward to the current new releases for series 3, could you consider the following additions for series 4. For the Battle of Britian
    German ME BF 110
    British Paul Boulton P.82 Deffiant
    and for Midway
    US Douglas Devistator
    US Douglas Dauntless
    IJN Nakajima B5N (type 97) Torpedo Bomber/ Recon
    Finally if the the Bombers work out well how about a:
    German Dornier Do17
    US Catalina recon flying boat
    Thanks Alastair
  25. Just thank you for all the enjoyment you have brought to me and my friends over the last few years.
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    Thanks for giving us all such a great game to enjoy with family and friends over some good conversation! It is much appreciated.
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    Angiolillo would it be possible when you release the Series 3 WW2 minatures that one of the P.40's could be in Australian markings. Thanks Alastair
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    Dear Angiolillo,

    We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Portugal Group
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    I was informed that you are going to be in Portugal in 30 of January LeiriaCon 2010, is it correct?

    Thanks Carlos
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    Gudday Angiolillo could you surgest what manour decks to use for the following aircraft:
    F.E. 2B
    Thanks Doug
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    Gudday Andrea, I wonder if you could pass a personal request to the company for me. Would it be possible for them to release a packet of blank bases and stands (say a packet of 3) which could be used by both WW1 & WW2 player as these would be usefull for lost items. Thanks Doug
  32. Hello Doug!
    A Hanriot miniature is something I would really like to do. In three color schemes, as usual: I would probably do it with Scaroni and Fucini colors for Italy, but also with the Belgian Coppens.
    Yes I try to cover as many nation a spossible... It was a World War after all! But what kind of detail would you like to see? I'd like to make a "Companion" book with details on every pilot and unit... But it is so a big work and game expansions have the precedence...

    Thans a lot for your kind words and all the best!

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    Gudday Angiolillo I recon you would get many requests for different models, however mine is slightly different. One of the many things I like about the game is that you make planes which were used by many nations. However nobody produces details for these nations. Could you consider (amoungst all your other inovations) to produce some details for nations such as Italy, Russia, USA and Belgium. Finaly could you consider doing a Hanriot HD1 (with Italian markings of course). I enjoy the game and I have been gaming for the best part of 48 years, but your system is the best for air warfare gaming I have come accross in all that time Regards Doug
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