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    Hi James,

    If you don't get a better offer meantime, send the jpeg you want reduced to me at and I'll Photoshop it for you. (or if it's on the site, send me the link).


  2. Fearnow, good ideas, I like them! I'll send an e-mail to everyone and get the juices flowing on this.

    Good playing with you as well!
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    Javelina Flight?
    Sonoran Rats?

    I dunno, just a couple of ideas that poppedinto my gourd as i was removing a cactus at my place...

    Good playing with you!
  4. That would be great! Give me a PM when you get out here and we'll definitely meet up.

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    Hello, and welcome to this site. I'll be out there this winter visiting family and hope to get some sorties in as well. Maybe we'll meet up.
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US Marine, Tech Writer, and student; born in Miami, FL but now a confirmed desert rat!
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Willkommen! My name is James (KiltedWolf) and I am the Arizona Squadron Commander. I fly with El Escuadron 857th, Vuelo del Javelina -- and invite you to join us (in Tucson, AZ)! I welcome each and every one of you and hope you get settled in and avail yourselves of the information and camaraderie found on this site, and within our local community.

We already have a very active flight in Tucson, and are looking to form other flights all over Arizona. We have several wonderful conventions in the state of Arizona and I would like to see Wings of War demonstrated and played at each and every one. We also have players scattered from one end of the state to the other. Towards this end we need Flight Commanders to organize local members and functions -- if you would like to be, or are already, the point of contact for a local group, contact me with your information and we'll place you on the roster. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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