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    Hello Doug. I saw your message and I appreciate your offer very much. Please let me know a method of reimbursement. If you have a Paypal account that works best.
    William Blecke
    609 Surrey Ridge Drive
    Cary, Illinois 60013
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    Hello Doug. Greetings from Yesterday. I finally caught up with your response to my inquiry about the Pfalz D.III. I am working on a recently purchased Shapeways print and I am gaming with my Brother and a work associate on March 5, whereat I may run into a Pfalz. I will contact you next week one way or the other. I am curious as to the particular "extra" Pfalz you are willing to let go of and know that if we can make a deal it will be a re-paint for me. I hope that is okay with you.
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    Glad to help!
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    Glad I could help!
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    Doug, the old Flights (social groups) were removed a long time ago. Are you still seeing something on the site or your profile that shows you a member of the Annerly Flight? If so, could you take a screen shot and send it to me...

  6. Thanks Col
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    Doug, no worries as it is not very clear. At the bottom of the post that you want to award Rep points for, locate the red star and click on it. That will pop up a window where you can leave either positive or negative Rep along with a comment in regards to why you are giving Rep (highly recommended btw).
  8. Hi Doug. The cards that were done for the Short Bomber by Max, will be posted in my Photo file in a few minutes.
  9. This may help you for now. I will get the stats and card for you when I get home.
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    Hello Alastair,

    It's great to see site members willing to step up and help save the game. The copyrights to the game are still owned by Nexus (or an individual that used to work for them) and as such, we still can not go about making game components for sell with out legal issues. In fact, depending on which company that picks the game up, many of my bases could be removed from the range. I don't foresee that happening, but it could. Also, Andrea (from what I understand from him) sold the rights to publish the game to Nexus. If a new company is going to pick the game up, he would want to make sure they have a clear road ahead of them, so I doubt he would want to have any officially unofficial releases out there.
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    For 4 20mm I'd say CCCC/CC. Cant Z.1007... it would be great indeed! In the meantime, He.111 is arriving. Did you see the pics? For more direct contacts,
    All the best!
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    Thank you for the positive review of my rules Doug. There are over 30 people out there that have downloaded them and you are the first to say anything one way or the other. I have been using them myself quite a bit as they allow me to fly solo missions. Due to a work shift change I have not been able to attend our local weekly League nights and I miss flying with the squadron. If you get the chance, or have the desire, please post a game report on the thread for my rules I would be intrested to see if anyone else will join in!
    Thanks again!!
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    sorry for the slow reply. First time I have logged on since last year. I moved with work at Xmas to Wagga NSW. Bit of a drive now to have a game with your Son. Sorry Otherwise I would be more than happy to have a game with him. I am pretty sure the local guys I knew have moved as well. There is a gaming store of sorts in town, Battle stations fm memory. They should be able to help him find a few local players


  14. Thank you Col my son understood your instructions!
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    Doug, you need to upload the photo as your Profile Picture, not in an album. You do this via Edit Profile Picture. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the heads up. I updated your account.
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    I am headed out of town until the new year. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New year.

    Talk to you in 2011!


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    Two news, one bad and one good.

    Bad: the planes have been chosen time ago, so no changes can be made any more.

    Good: we included the BQ-Z night fighter RAF Beaufighter. Sorry, no Australian one... but there is a B-25D Mitchell from No.2 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force (serial A47-2, formerly 43-3422). If you can provide any name/rank/picture of pilot it could be great! Use to be quicker.

    Thanks so much for everything!
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    there is a gaming club in Toowoomba (Battlezone?) Mainly GW games and occasionally FoW. No WoW at club level that I am aware of. There are a few guys locally that get together for games.

    Not sure if any of the guys travel to Bris for club games. I don't, but then I don't really play any of my other wargames at the club level.


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    Thanks for the message suggestions - but Series 4 for WWII is already taken by Bf.110, Beaufighter, Gl˛adiator and Fiat Cr.42... The Dauntless is a probable choice for coming soon series anyway and I'll give a serious thinking to the others you name.
    Thanks again and all the best!

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SND Week 5 - Global Skype Game - Fourway Dogfight!

by Doug on 04-22-2013 at 03:57
[QUOTE=OldGuy59;216122]Just for fun, I dragged out all my J Decks (and some left turns from an I deck), and tried to do an overhead shot of Alastair's Left Hand Death Spiral. I actually did the entire game in two shots, this is 8-12.

I need a better shot (I used the digital zoom on the overhead cam, and the focus shifted a bit), but if I did this from Turn 7 to 11, it would look like a Spirograph picture!


Too funny!

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Feast your eyes on this!

by Doug on 01-27-2013 at 04:48
[QUOTE=Bluedevil;194166]I stumbled upon this youtube movie thanks to our friends at Cross and Cockade:



Shapeways models

by Doug on 11-23-2012 at 04:07
[QUOTE=Zoe Brain;180466][QUOTE=marcoperse;180464]What do you mean with "a bit of preparation?[/QUOTE]


1. Paint with diluted PVA glue.
2. lightly sand with emery board. (5-10 secs until smooth to touch)
3. Repeat 1&2
4. Repeat 1&2

Paint. Multiple thin coats work best.
Decal, gloss varnish, then matt varnish.



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