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The Voss Effect

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I have been working a bit with camelbeagle on a Voss scenario. Well, Dan has been doing most of the work, but I have been making a few suggestions about setup, aircraft, using more accurate climb rates, that sort of thing. For those who do not know, I have a side business - I give tours and talks related to the Civil War - American that is. So, historical accuracy is fairly important to me. Dan has planned a four on four fight, simply to keep the amount of players around the table at a reasonable number, with four SE.5s against Voss in his triplane, with a couple of Pfalz D.IIIs and an Albatros D.V making a late arriving appearance.

In reading accounts of the action (September Evening: The Life and Final Combat of the German World War One Ace Werner Voss by Barry Diggens and Lt. Werner Voss: Germany's Greatest Teenage Ace by Walter Musciano) it is apparent that Voss cannot be given too many ace abilities. I have an Ares Voss Pfalz on its way, mostly for the ace ability cards, and a couple of Pfalz D.IIIs offered by Reduced Aircraft Factory of a couple of the German pilots involved. Dan has 56 Squadron in hand.

Looking forward to testing this scenario and then hosting for the Wright Flight in the future. When we do, we'll be certain to post an after action report!

By the way, the Musciano book was written in the 1960s, and the colors given for Voss's various planes are questionable at best...stating that his Fokker and Pfalz has red noses...Rudolph would be proud.

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  1. Teaticket's Avatar
    Look forward to hearing how this all comes together.
  2. redcoon2's Avatar
    let me know when this comes together....current possess all planes involved in the infamous tussle. Would be more than happy to join in the combat.