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Deep Cut Studios - The New Mat

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Victor Chapman's Nieuport 11, somewhere over France.

Some weeks ago I had posted on the forum about trying to obtain a gaming mat that would be easy to carry and store, as well as fit the tables at the game store (Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio) where the Wright Flight holds its monthly Wings sessions. After much research and gnashing of teeth, I decided to go with a Deep Cut Studio custom cloth mat, using of of their available templates. The size is five feet by three feet, fitting six players comfortably while providing some table space for the various accessories needed for the game. The cost was not cheap, but ordering was easy, and the mat arrived in a few weeks from Lithuania. I am concerned about the edges fraying, having decided to not go with edge stitching which was another twenty bucks.

The color is not nearly as rich as the template shown on the website, but the detail is good and the mat is relatively light. Since this material is more like a tablecloth, there will be some folds showing. The mat can be washed and even ironed if needed. I might see about getting a tube to store it in as opposed to folding it to reduce the creasing effect.

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  1. Teaticket's Avatar
    Very nice looking mat.
  2. predhead's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket
    Very nice looking mat.
    It is a bit muted for color as compared to what is shown on the Deep Cut website, but I can live with it.