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With the recent spate of repaints I have completed (well, two could be a spate, yes?), I am prepping a couple of planes for painting, but not repaints, but Shapeways offerings. One, a Reduced Aircraft Factory Siemens-Schuckert D.Is, also in Gray PA12, will be looking like this (I hope) upon completion.

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Or this:

The other, a Pfalz Dr.I from Decapod, already has a couple of coats of Vallejo silver gray. Again the base material is the Gray PA12, which seems to be a little easier to use than the standard white natural versatile plastic - less of a grainy feel and the gray acts a bit like a primer. I need to clip the propeller from the bottom of the plane to attach it. Another reason why I prefer R. A. F. offerings - molded with the prop already in place, but this is a minor step in the process.

In both cases I will be adding a peg to the bottom of both aircraft as these versions do not come with a peg already molded like the preprinted R. A. F. offerings do.

Through the good graces of forum member Malachi, I have the official cards for both SS D.Is that were included in the Immelmann booster deck! This simply provides the logical step of adding an additional Shapeways SS D.I to the next order!

Hunerbein of Jasta 5 (although notice the camo scheme is different than the BAT Model box art above):
Official Card:

And one from OldGuy59

I will paint two birds for Jasta 5 as not only do I have cards, but also the Shapeways offerings are late production models, which the card above reflects. I am excited to get this project going since I had some decent luck with the two recent repaints. Who knows, my spate might turn into a plethora!

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