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Lawrence Rumsey's N.11

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I have been slowly working on this aircraft over the last few months. This is Lawrence Rumsey's N.11 from the Escadrille Americaine. Rumsey is best known for huis drinking and his blinding of Whiskey in one eye.

"Whiskey sauntered over to Rumsey's cot and dragged a brand-new cap to the floor and began to reduce the expensive headgear to shreds. Rumsey glared at the lion, shouted at him to stop. But Whiskey kept munching, growling contentedly. Rumsey set down his bottle, by then nearly empty, and lurched over to the cot and tried to wrench his cap free. The lion growled playfully and sank his teeth deeper into the gabardine cover. Rumsey flew into a rage and grabbed up the nearest thing at hand, a heavy walking cane, and clouted the lion over the head. Whiskey dropped the cap and walked uncertainly across the floor, collapsing at the booted feet of the poker players. The pilots bent down to examine their cherished mascot and discovered the blow had blinded the animal in one eye. Rumsey's remorse, coupled with a chronically poor constitution, was so great he broke out all over in painful boils and had to be sent to the hospital. He was discharged from the service on grounds of poor health before the year was out."

After painting the lower left wing and tail plane doped linen (the fabric had been replaced due to previous damage), I decided to get the masking tape and try the top wing design (simple white diagonal lines). I did not get the masking tape quite all the way sealed and had a tad of paint seepage, but a little cleanup with the X-Acto knife has helped. I painted the wheel rims as well. Now I have to tackle the RUM on each fuselage side...not looking forward to that at all!

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  1. Larry R.'s Avatar
    Good work on the Nieuport, Darryl. You clearly possess a great deal of patience, a steady hand, and keen vision.
  2. OldGuy59's Avatar
    This isn't a match for your color scheme, but one that I found online:
    OldGuy59's Parking Lot Album - Draft Nieuport 11 scheme

    Card, if you want, but a top-down image of your plane might help.