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Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 4: Choks Away, Chaps!

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Enough of sightseeing, gentlemen, today we'll fly. There are two missions over enemy's territory and a training one. Make notes, you need to know what to do in the air.

We (me and 2 Andreas) prepared the mats and system. The hall is ok, conditioned to a fine temperature and players of medieval tactical games are already playing (on a photo). In the second hall there are players of ASL - terribly quiet in deep concentration.

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There are 12 players in total, so dogfights will be played on two tables and bith bombing missions together on one big. I'm starting on the Entente side, my Nieuport 28 is ready for battle.

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The game was something - 3 vs 3 and hard to survive (simplified rules: -3 HP from whort range, -2 HP from long range) and I was under fire from all Central Powers fighters (-6 HP in total). The rest of the game I had to be careful and not get in front of enemy's crosshairs). I was so deep in playing I didn't take any photos, but survived, 39 points.

Bombing mission, role of a defending fighter, Entente again.

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The specific of this mission is there are no indicidual points. All members woukd receive the same number of points according to mission tasks. Central Powers must destroy as many as possible targets and, in ideal case, take photos after. Entente fighters must prevent this.
I have a feeling I didn't play bad, damage all three bombers, but the last one sent me to the ground.

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My collegues finished the rest of the German team and we won 36:26.

Lunch break.
We played a "cone wars" (not "clone wars", unfortunately) during my early years. If I would be an Italian boy, this cone should be definitely a granade...

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The next one was an Andrea's mission about Italian balloon busters vs. A-H defenders (G. Brumowski and captured Macchi). Well, it was a real mess and the destruction caused by 4 rockets you can see below. Keep away from D deck.

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Wings are ov...oh, they aren't. We were talking about Wingf for the Baron game yesterday and it was a right time to try it after balloon mission. It's a strategy game about manufacturing German aircraft during WWI. I played for Fokker and my advantage was Mr. Anthony, a talented engineer who couldn't be moved to competitor's company (LFG, Pfalz, Hannover and Albatross). Heading for a victory, but German finally lost the war and 50% inflation cut my money, so maybe in next war...

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We had to interrupt the game due to dinner (well, hobbits like me have their priorities...) so we finished it before midnight. Well explained, nice to play, recommend it (there should be a new edition).

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    Finally found the game report. Nice written, Dan!