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Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 3: Walking All Around

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Friday, not quite a gaming day, but I have still something to see.
Tickets for buses are not for sale in Tobacco Stores anymore so let's play an infantry role and use my own legs for a walk.

The first stop was near Piazza Venezia that really remind me my visit of that city.

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If you're thinking when I'm standing, it is Altare della Patria. Really huge monument. I though I've seen many monumental things (steak recommended by our fellow pilots in Columbus is No. 1), but this building is really...uhm...monumental.

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The next step was probably one of the most frequent way by all turists in Rome from there to Colloseum. Literary thousands of people around the ancient arena made it's visit not so attractive, so let's take a photo and continue (not a fan of selfies, but I needed it for virtual geocache).

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Remember I'm a train geek? To be honest, I started my career with trams and metro designing. It's obvious I must go by metro. Two thing that are surprising for a man from city with Soviet type of metro:
  1. There are two sets of tracks in one tunnel.
  2. Lights in tunnel are on.

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Lunchtime! You must understand, sometimes even Teddy Bear family & Dinosaur need a rest & drink

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The next stop was in Centrale Montemartini museum. It's been built in a former power station and it's unusual to see antient statues between huge generators. There's, by the, probably the very first Barbie puppet from Roman times.
Next stop was close to Cestio's Pyramid and Cimitero Acattolico - graveyard for non-catholics. Very peaceful and interesting experience, I recommend it, of course.

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Let's test your school knowledge: How's the name of Rome's river?

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When I returned we (me and Andrea) went to the tournament venue.

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And here just one or two of ideas how to improve your playing mats.

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Then there was "just" an Italian dinner so no surprised we finished after midnight.

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