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Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 1: Heading to South

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I wrote a blog about "Journey of My Life" to Origins, OH, USA and I must say I remind it to myself many times. Roberto, Andrea and IWF are trying something new - European Master - so let's try it once again.

The original plan is fly to Rome, stay in private acommodation (thanks, Andrea), discover the eternal city (never been there yet) and than participate in tournament. Let's see how it will be.

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Waking up, a common day in my office (designing reconstruction of railway close to my hometown). Boring, but necessary part of my trip. Flight was postponed to 18:10 so plenty of time to work.

Leaving office, finally! Now heading to the airport. I like Prague airport much - my gate to the rest of the world.

Behind security check, the old car from 30' was replaced by newer one from 70', but the spot is the same.

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An interesting guest in Prague. Maybe a stop on it's way to the east?

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Taking off to the sky. Trying to survive ~4 y/o boy next to me, happy there is someone else who takes care about him (we have a 3 y/o doughter). And I'm a little boy again like everytime I board something that can fly. Observing our world and thinking how nice it is and how we should maintain for our children and how to show them how awesome it is.

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Landing at Fiumicino airport, Andrea is ready to pick me up and we go for a dinner. Restaurant is excelent, Italian cousine can't be a wrong choice and wine...well, can't describe it
I like the Mediterranean aroma I smell in the air, so different than in Central Europe. Yes, this is holiday. Real holiday for WoG player

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European Master 2022


  1. Hedeby's Avatar
    So jealous, used to live in Italy, wish I could go back...
  2. Dan-Sam's Avatar
    It sounds like a beginning of holiday planning