Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds, January 1918 onwards

The Campaign Begins... Invaders from Mars!

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Scenario 1: Avalanches above.... Business continues below.

The Martians have made planetfall! Though the Entente and Central Powers are completely unaware of this deadly new threat, they carry on as normal with their conflict. Now a Martian Cylinder has impacted near a raging aerial battle, the brave pilots pause for a brief moment to investigate.

Players: 2+ (3 recommended).

Play area: Recommended 90cm x 90cm for 1 vs 1 vs 1. Depending on number of players you may wish to increase the play area size.

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One half of the play area is designated the Martian side.

One half of the play area is designated the Earthling side.

Each Earthling player sets up their Planes anywhere on their side of the play area facing the Martian half.

The Martian Cylinder Crater (or suitable circular marker of your choice) is placed anywhere on the Martian half of the play area - recommended to setup centrally within Martian half.

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Martian Player: See Martian Cylinder Heat-ray. Place SIX recovery tokens on your Console. Once all six are discarded (as per normal recovery rules), place a Tripod of your choice, facing any direction, on top of the Martian Cylinder Crater (or suitable circular marker). The Tripod may then activate as normal – it does not tumble due to being on top of this crater.

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Earthling Players: 1 Entente Player vs 1 Central Powers Player.
You can add as many Earthling Players as you like, just keep forces as even as possible.
You are free to pick any planes you like. NO ace rules, special abilities or special weapons are in play. You are free to shoot at any enemy forces, if you wish, be they Earthling or Martian.

*You may wish to add more Cylinders and Tripods in larger battles, a ratio of 2/3 planes per Cylinder/Tripod is a good starting point.*

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Optional Challenge: Earthling Players start the game with THREE Smoke Tokens on their Consoles. This represents the battle already taking place between the Central Powers and the Entente forces.

Earthling Winning Condition: The first Entente or Central Powers Plane to take a photo of the Martian Cylinder or Tripod and exit the play area on the Earthling side is the winner.

Martian Winning Condition: If ALL planes are shot down (regardless of how), the Martians have won! - even if the Tripod/s is/are destroyed!

In the event of a tie between the Earthling players, both Earthling sides count as Victory.

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Martian Cylinder Heat-Ray:
Once a Plane is within altitude 1 or 2 and within range 2 of the Martian's Medium Projector ruler the Cylinder Heat-ray will activate and fire on that Plane within range. If two or more Planes are in range, the Martian Player chooses which Plane to shoot at.

The Martian Cylinder Heat-Ray uses Damage Deck Z. Deal 1 Damage Card at range 2 and 2 Damage Cards at range 1. Once fired, it takes two recovery tokens before it can fire again.

The Cylinder Heat-Ray has an all-round fire arc with no limitations to line of sight, or angle of attack. If it's in range and altitude, it hits. Measure from the outer circumference of the Martian Cylinder Crater Marker (or any circular marker of your choice).

The Martian Cylinder is completely immune to any gunfire.

Earthlings taking a Photograph:
The Earthling Players must be at altitude 1 or 2.
Must perform a stall manoeuvre within Range 2 of the Martian Cylinder/Tripod.
Photographs may not be taken in or through Black Smoke.
The Earthling player is advised to exit quickly!

You can always play this scenario as Earthlings only by using the Automated Tripod Rules and Resources. Or play just as the Martians using the various Solo Rules, Resources and Apps found on this forum!

And that's it! I hope you enjoy this scenario… By all means post your AAR's. You could very well affect what happens in the next scenario!

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