Unified fighters' forward firing arcs - a problem

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[QUOTE=Angiolillo;389944]Designer note: the standard fighters' cone is somehow "broad", and not just a "fire in front" cone, because planes are not allowed to turn any inclination as in reality. WW1 fighters, for example, can only turn 60° or more.
Blue Max allow you to fire only in the row of hexes in front of you. if a plane is two hexes away from another, but they are not in the same row of hexes, they can not fiore each other no matter which orientation they have even if they are quite at short range from each other. There is a huge "blind spot" between a row of hexes and another. If a plane is 2 hexes away in a different row, you can have it too at your left if you are heading North and too to your right if you head NWW. This is absurd IMHO, and the standard forward cone for fighters is aimed to avod that. In Wings of War/Glory, it is never possible that you miss a target just because it is in a blind spot between the orientation you have going straight and the one you have using one of your turns. The cone aproximates all the orientations you could get if you could be allowed not just to go straight or turn 60°, but also to turn any other inclination in-between as you could in reality.
Of course, front flexible guns may have broader arcs.
Something that X-Wing does not seems to have understood. They just copied the idea of having a cone from the center of the base to the front corner of it. Even if with the squared bases and the minimum turn of 45° degrees instead than 60° (they took maneuvres from WW2 Wings of War) they did not really need such a broader cone.[/QUOTE]

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