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Gun jams

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Andrea had this to say:
[QUOTE]Jamming twin guns (A firing planes)
When you fire with an A weapon, that represents twin guns, you could jam one of the machineguns or, more rarely, both of them.
If you are at short distance, you jam a machinegun if target picks up a jammed Damage card, you jam both of them if he picks up two of them. Firing at long distance, you jam both of them if the target picks the 0 red jammed Damage card, only one if he picks the 2 red or a green jammed Damage card.
Planes jamming a single gun take three jammed counters. Each turn after moving, the player can decide if unjam the jammed machinegun or if they want to fire with the remaining one. If they unjam, they discard a token; if they fire they do it at B capability (and they normally jam this second weapon if a jamming B card is picked by the target). The weapon is unjammed if the player unjam it after three consecutive maneuvers. It is allowed to stop unjamming to fire with the other weapon at any moment, but the jamned counters are immediately restored to three.
If both weapons are jammed, they are unjammed at the same time after the same three consecutive maneuvers. No dseparate account of unjamming is necessary.
[B]You could decide to apply it just to Se5a, Ni.17/23, twin MGs SPAD VII and the like.[/B][/QUOTE]


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