How to Customize Aftermarket Airplane Stands

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I just received a few minis from a fellow gamer. The gamer used Litko stands and gimbal mountings, and didn't keep all the original stands. Also, I have some paper models, and have ordered Aerodrome Accessories stands for them. I want to match up all the models with stands, and put the data for the plane on each of the stands. Hmm... How do do this?Since joining the forum, I had run across a Base Card file in the hobby section (I used them to make my home-made card bases. Thanks Zakopious), and even found a few card files that I wanted to customize for my paper models. One of the Photoshop files had a transparent image layer with the "Maneuver Deck", "Damage Deck", and "Damage" symbols (Thanks Jure Dolanec). Also, there are a few files by FO Kyte, such as: the Scout Transparency Base; or the Two Gun Transparency Base that would work, as well (or better?).Trolling through a local business supply store this week, I found some InkJet clear (almost) address labels.Name:  RedBox6.jpg
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Size:  145.5 KBEureka! Print the info on these labels, and stick them on the aftermarket stands. The stands are 44 mm wide, and the labels are 45mm wide. I just used a razor (X-acto Knife) to trim off the one side. I used an edited version of a transparent layer, and the Duality font to amend the information.Name:  RedBox3.jpg
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Size:  118.2 KBThis is what it looks like, close up:
Aftermarket Stand Original Stand
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And if you don't like the look, or get new planes (or the maneuver deck changes) - it is removable! I might even redo these with the Arrow Layer added in.Mike

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    How many years have I been on this forum, and I don't know how to put up my own 'How To'.

    Thanks, Joe.