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More Kindness of Friends and Gaming!

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It has been QUITE some time since I have visited the 'Drome let alone post a blog entry. I haven't had the chance to game with the gang this summer due to other events, but yesterday seven of us were able to gather at Epic Loot and do up the Italian Front. A sub, several floatplanes, and some of the new Phoenix fighters graced the table. The G Dog was testing a scenario for a upcoming convention, and we played through it a couple of times. It was fun flying the Austrian Macchi as I had more speed than those Phoenix D.Is, but the Austrians lost both scenarios as the Italians were able to drop bombs perfectly on the fleeing sub. After a late lunch break a few of us headed back into the ship and gamed a bit more, taking an N.11 and a Strutter vs. a Albatros D.II and a Albatros C.III. Overall I played in five much needed games!

I cannot remember exactly what we discussed for future events, but I think October is balloon busting with Yanks vs. Huns, November might be Lafayette Escadrille vs. Huns, and December I think is French late war vs. Huns.

Also, several months ago JAYCRF450 made for me another Belgian bird, this time a Nieuport 17. I really like this one as well as the N.11 he made for me months ago, and hope to get the Belgians in the air for our January session.
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