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The Kindness of Friends

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With respect to Blackronin's blog....

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The Wright Flight started from a group of gamers who have been pushing lead around tabletops for many years. Ranging from Napoleonics to World War II to everything before, in between, and after, we have forged friendships and shared many excellent experiences over a dew decades now. When we started getting really involved with Wings of Glory a few years ago, we started gaming at The Hobby Shop in Dayton, created a Facebook group, and started seeing more old friends and new faces attend our public events. One of our new faces is JAYCRF450, an avid and highly skilled modeler who has been creating beautiful 1/144th scale aircraft for some time, and has added greatly to the variety of aircraft that we now see on the table. And his enthusiasm in sharing his little works of art and talking about techniques and World War One air combat in general has extended beyond any expectation when he was kind enough to present me with a beautiful Belgian Nieuport 11, created I do believe from a Shapeways fuselage and paper wings. As one of the countries I collect (along with Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the United States), this early war beauty gives us not only another addition to the fledgling Belgian air forces, but also allow us to expand our early war gaming a bit.

I'll let the pictures tell the story of this amazing N.11. Thanks to JAYCRF450 for his generous gift! Now, where do I find an E deck...?

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  1. Blackronin's Avatar
    Do you still need an E deck?
  2. predhead's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackronin
    Do you still need an E deck?
    Indeed I do!