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Expanding the Forces

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Some several months ago I went in with The G Dog, Adler64, and Smitch on a Shapeways order. I already had a plane from a previous order with The G Dog (a Pfalz D.XII), and I was looking to expand my German forces with some needed types not covered by Ares, plus a couple of extra Hanriots for the Belgians (using the Reviresco decals), so I ordered several planes to match the decks I had from all the deck packs I had purchased. After putting several coats of watered down white glue on the Hanriots and Pfalz, I simply got burned out and frankly, more than a little worried that my hobby skills would not be up to the quality work that Smitch and The G Dog were putting forth. Trying to remove the grainy feel of WSF was just too much work, and to be honest, placing the decals on the lower wings of the Hanriots I knew would frustrate the crap out of me. So, I had a slew of planes sitting there, not being worked on due to my hesitation to move forward.

Luckily, we also have another gamer in The Wright Flight who also does great work (matt56). So, I contacted him to see if he wanted all these planes I was not working on, working out a deal on having him complete some for me while he keeps the rest. To that end I still hope to field a few early war types that are needed, plus a couple of my fave Pfalz types (the Dr.I and the D.XII), while not stressing myself over the amount of work to be completed.

But, I also suffer from grandiose plans, and to that end I just ordered a few more planes, not from Shapeways, but from Hannants. I am hoping that using resin and plastic that is not WSF will be a bit easier to deal with, plus the wings are cast separately, making painting and applying decals a potentially easier venture. Two Sopwith Pups (one will be Belgian, the other I will give to a Wright Flight member), a Ponnier M.1, and a Pfalz E.II will be added to the early war mix.

I am certain that it will be some time before I actually get these built, painted, and ready for the table, but I am hopeful that as the material should be easier to work with, that I will be able to actually complete a few builds of my own!

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