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Beer from WWI

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This weekend I am going to be making a beer that was around in WWI, which it will be ready to drink on Rememberance Day. I am making this with respect to all who served. I will be making it as close to the way beer was made in those days.

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  1. Doug's Avatar
    Can you supply the recipie for the rest of us "Home brewers"
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  2. petitbilbo's Avatar

    I'd like to recipe too!
  3. Capt Winhold's Avatar
    This was as close a recipe I could design for this time and era. This is an all grain recipe.
    This is what I did:
    Belgian Old Strong Ale

    12 lbs 4 oz Pale Malt (2 row) US (2.0 SRM)
    2 lbs Crystal Malt - 60L
    1 lb 4 oz Dark Brown Sugar
    1.5 oz Cascade Hops - Boil 60 min
    1 oz Cascade Hops - Boil 15 min
    .5 tsp Irish Moss - Boil 10 min

    This is for 5 gal. Mash grains with 4 gal. of water at 150 deg F for 75min. Sparge with 168 deg F water to gather a total of 6 gal. Boil for 60 min. adding hops at directed times and add sugar at start of boil.

    Cool down to room temp. and add yeast at that time. Rack over to secondary when the hydrometor reading is steady for 2 days. Leave in secondary for 6 weeks. Bottle, wait 4 weeks before drinking.

    Any detail info you may request PM me and I will get into great detail needed for this process. Using all grain costs me about $11 per 5 gal. The beer produced using this process matches the quality and taste that breweries make.

    Good Luck!!!

  4. predhead's Avatar
    One of my managers is from Serbia and she brought me back a .5 liter can of Jelen Pivo (a pale lager). Looks like this beer has been around since 1756. I am thinking about waiting until the "Guns of August" to open it, in celebration of the centennial. I doubt if I can make it until then though, as it is calling my name now!