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Flying Cow TV: Episode #1 - The Sneak Peek

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And So The Nonsense Begins...

It has been so long since I have published a new Blog entry, I practically forgot how to do it... and yet here we find ourselves at the beginning of something new for me.

AS most of you have noticed by now, a few of us are headed to the Origins Games Fair here in Columbus, Ohio in a couple of days, where we will spend 5 days of Convention Bliss, during which we will run 26 different Wings of War Events, and try to have as much fun as is humanly possible (or bovinely possible in the case of some of us). In order to capture some of the awesomeness of the convention, I recently purchased a small HD digital video camera, so that I might share some video of the convention with you... and then I got the crazy idea (which I may regret) that I would start a regular video-blog. Like I mentioned a moment ago, here we find ourselves...

So I give you Flying Cow TV - Episode 1. please no fat or bald jokes , and otherwise enjoy...

I intend to capture as much video at the con as I can and to hopefully upload updates during the con itself... HOWEVER... I can't promise that I will have the time or energy to accomplish this. If not then I will start posting new episodes as soon as I take a day to recover after the convention is over.

Until then, this is The Cowman leaving the air...

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  1. Flying Officer Kyte's Avatar
    Wonderful Ken. Thanks for the insight into the world of the Cowman. I made my good lady watch this and having seen your Hobby Room she had to conceed that I was quite reasonable in the amount of space I occupy. She actually said that it made me look almost sane, which I took as a huge insult, as I was convinced that I was completely round the bend. (note to self! Must try harder.) Anyway good luck at Origins and have a smashing time.(Not litterally).
  2. Stormkahn's Avatar
    No hobby room is ever big enough though, the painting queue expands to fill it!!!

    Thanks for sharing, I do all my stuff listening to science/history TV or music, do you?