More of my iPhone/iPad stuff!

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[QUOTE=ste_marthe;59349]Hey guys! I searched for this in the forums and it does not seem to have popped up but there is an iPhone game that looks pretty similar to Wings of War. I really like the feel of it and the touch UI for the game.

[URL=""]Itunes link[/URL]

I'm still working on my implementation of a Wings of War utility for iPhone/iPad...I also have more idea for that app that I will keep under cover until I make it.

Also there is a cool thread/blog on on future iPhone/iPad games you can find [URL=""]here[/URL].

As my Wings of War playing, I love to play other boardgames. In that link you can find RAF game I really like and actually just finished a game...And the Hornet Leader game. The Hornet Leader is a really cool solo boardgame if you like air combat game and organisation. In Hornet Leader, you control a squadron of Hornet, arm them and send them in combat! Cool game!

Anyways thought I would share![/QUOTE]

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