Knights of the Air campaign

Refights of Missions 2a and 1 - Germans on the offensive

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Dear Nadine,

I must apologize for my lateness in the letter. I hope it's delay did not cause you any undo stress. These last few weeks have seen a lot of contact with the enemy.

Last week we saw the best flying weather in a very long time and we were able to fly two mission on one of the days. The first engagement again saw us trying to stop an enemy two seater (Intel says it is the RAF R.E 8 that we have seen over the font of late) from photographing our supply line for later bombardments. Flying escort for the R.E. 8 was a mix of SPAD VIIs and Neiuport 17s. Early in the engagement I was able to bring a 17 down in flames. This must have angered one of the SPAD pilots as he latched onto my tail and poured round after round into my engine. She could not take much of this seized up, only to catch on fire from all the damage. Luckily, I was able to put her down rather quickly and made good my escape back across the lines. The constant wear of crash landing my beloved plane and not having the prop time to heal has dragged on my health. I feel years older then I should... and I'm afraid I might look it as well.

I managed to catch up with a field officer heading back to the rear area and caught a ride with him. He dropped me only a few kilometers from the aerodrome and I quickly joined up with the rest of the Jasta as they made for another sortie in the late evening.

Even though this borrowed plane was of the same type as my last, each one feels a little different and has it's own flight characteristics. None the less, it proved to be a reliable machine. We again met up with the same mix of Entente pilots from the morning. There were seven planes all flying and fighting in such a small piece of sky, on several occasions collisions would only narrowly missed. One would think with all that sky above us, we could find room to fight with out fear of hitting each other. This proved to be a short engagement as 5 of the seven involved fell from the sky. I found my self alone in the sky with the last of the enemy making a hasty line for home. This was my fourth mission where contact was made, but only the second time that I have landed my bird back on my own field. Hopefully things well turn for the better for me now that we have taken the skies back from our foes.

Respectfully yours,

Kiefer von Loganstein

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