Bloody April 1918 Campaign

Scenario 2 Turns 14-15

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[SIZE=4]Turn 14[/SIZE]
The RE8 from 16 Sqn (Counter 2) has one hex left to recon, but a navigation error sends them further into Hun land than they wanted. Little do they know, a German flight has just launched from Phalempin and is heading towards them.

To the south of Lens, 43 Sqn (Counter 6) spots the remaining planes of Jasta 11. Intending to drive them off, Cpt. Sommers looks for a rematch. The German recon plane (counter E) only has 3 hexes left to photograph, but Rigby and 25 Sqn are in the area.

After shooting down two British planes, Rolhander flies low, urging his crippled plane home to Pronville. 29 Sqn doesn’t spot him, and heads back to their patrol near Pronville.

Over Cambrai, Booker recovers from the spin he was in. Landis also recovers and heads home. The half set of photographs isn’t enough to count for the last recon hex. If Walters’ plane hadn’t gone down the British would have gotten credit for it.
Stolte (Counter D) lines up to land his crippled plane at Proville.
To the northwest, 60 Sqn Flight B looks to protect Landis and Booker from the just launched Jasta 12.

[SIZE=4]Turn 15[/SIZE]
16 Sqn (Counter 2) corrects the navigation error, turning back around and lining up for hex 2606. The detour could be costly however, as Jasta 30 (counter I) is now within striking range. The black anti-aircraft dotting the sky draws Jasta 30 like a moth to a flame.

Near Farbus and Vimy, 43 Sqn attacks Jasta 11 for the second time today. With 5 healthy planes and one crippled, the British seem to have the upper hand against Albers and his two damaged wingmen. See the AAR here: [url][/url]!


25 Sqn stalks the remaining Rumpler. Felder and Hasse (counter E) have just finished their recon mission. With a film roll full of trenchline photos, they have to be stopped!

Circling 60 Sqn Flight B and Jasta 12 try to gain position on each other. In the middle of it, a Caproni bomber from the south lines up for a bombing run.

This was broken up into a 2 on 1 and a 2 on 2 combat. Part 2 of the dogfight played by diceslinger is here [url][/url]


The dogfight reservation thread is [COLOR="#0000FF"][/COLOR][URL=""]here[/URL].

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