Bloody April 1918 Campaign

Scenario 2, Turns 12 and 13

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[SIZE=4]Turn 13[/SIZE]
The furball over Cite de Rollencourt broke up with planes scattering only hundreds of feet above the ground.

Jasta 11 (counter B) suffered the loss of 3 Fokker D.VIIs as Schmeling (counter G) couldn't pull out of his low attitude spin and crashed into the ground. German troops found him dead. Knapp’s plane fell from the sky on fire, crashing into a barn, starting a fire. Goetz’s plane crashed into a stand of trees, and German troops found him hanging upside down from his seatbelt hurt, but still alive.

Rigby recovered control of his plane, and joined up with Laing. Rigby judged his plane a little worse for the wear, but still in fighting condition. Both Rigby and Laing were amazed to see Saunders Sopwith Camel rise from the ground. Saunders had been downed when his engine conked out. After a wild landing, Saunders was able to quickly restart his motor. Tying his scarf around a cracked strut to reinforce it, he gingerly taxied his plane around and took off right as a patrol of German infantrymen approached. He was out of range of their rifles soon enough, and spying the welcome countenance of his wingmen, climbed to meet up with them.

43 Sqn, having successfully driven the Fokker D.VIIs off took almost no damage. Aten was the only plane that suffered any damage, but Aten successfully recovered his plane and joined back up. Captain Sommers eyed Aten’s plane and was about to wave him back to Triezennes, but Aten gave him a thumbs up and flashed a smile, so Sommers signaled him to form up. “Probably safer with us anyway” Sommers thought.

Spying the Fokker D.VIIs through the white anti-aircraft explosions, Cpt. Sommers decided to climb back up to 4,000 feet, right below the clouds. Matching the climbing Jasta 11 (counter B), 43 Sqn (counter 6)banked and put themselves between the Germans and the RE8 of 16 Sqn, which was nearing completion of its observation mission.

Rigby and 29 Sqn climbed and headed south, where Rigby though the Rumpler they had engaged earlier might still be working.

Meanwhile, over Cambrai 60 squadron was taking photographs, when four Pfalz’s dove from the clouds, catching them unaware. At just under the clouds at 4,000 feet, the dogfight ensued. The AAR for the Clash over Cambrai! is [URL=""][COLOR="#0000FF"]here[/COLOR][/URL].

Another group of rookies would be tested as Rohlander attacked the pilots of 29 Sqn from the front, and Hessle attacked them from the rear. [URL="!&p=238003#post238003"][COLOR="#0000FF"]Rookies watch your six![/COLOR][/URL] (this dogfight played by Diceslinger)

The German spotting system raised the alarm, and with the number of flights in the air, defensive patrols at Epinoy and Phalempin are scrambled. Two more German flights take off.

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