Knights of the Air campaign

Enemy Troop Movement - Mission 2a

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Dear Nadine,

I have had little time to recover from my injuries mentioned in my last letter and I have already had to fly another sortie. The enemy is pressing us hard in this sector.

Early this morning my flight was scrambled as three enemy planes had been spotted operating in the area. We circled above the aerodrome gaining altitude and then head off towards the front. Just before making the lines, we spotted them.

A new type of two seater was flying slightly below us with two scouts flying top cover for him. Wolfgang and a newly arrived pilot, Jager, immediately set off after the higher flying scouts. I decided to have a go at this new type that was headed towards one of our troop encampments.

I am quite impressed with the enemy's new two seater. It was much faster then I thought it would be. To my great surprise I could only match it in speed. I don't know if it was due to my wounds or the the speed of that new type, but it managed to slip past me before I could even fire a shot at it. I did manage to exchange a quick burst of fire from long range with a familiar looking British Neiuport before reversing to pursue the two seater. To my disgust, my Spandau's jammed after just those few shots.

Having cleared my guns, I found my self approaching the machine from the rear quarter, but slightly out of position and above him. I closed the distance and traded fire with the observer. I thought I might have bitten off more then I could handle when I felt his bullets slamming into my engine. It gave a little shutter and started to smoke rather badly, but she kept on running like a champion. I banked hard to try and get in on the machines tail, only to find that the damn thing could turn just as sharp as I could! This left me with no target in front of my guns, while they continued to pepper me with it's single rear facing gun.

Seeing that I could not out turn this new machine, I broke off and put a little distance between us. A reversement placed me in a better position to make a new run at him. Before I could bring him back into range, Wolfgang managed to stick in with him and sent him down not far from where our troops were. I was glad to see Wolfgang not only back in the air after the horrible collision, but bringing down enemy planes in a much cleaner fashion. My joy was short lived however. That familiar Neiuport sent him down in flames shortly after his sussces. He is one lucky fellow, as he was back at our station when I landed looking for a new machine!

Taking note of the situation, I realized that I could not find Jager anywhere. We often lose sight of our wingmen once the fight begins. It's heavy on your thoughts when you don't know what happens to a flight member. I did not have much time for thoughts like that though, as it was suddenly just me up there with two of the enemy. The Neiuport must have decided not to press his luck as he was set on returning home. The lone SPAD was further behind our lines and I tried to cut him off, but I was unable to bring him into range as he was higher then my self an making good speed. I was hopeful that he would stand and engage me as he did several reversements just inside the lines. My hope was short lived as he continued to gain altitude and then headed home. With no chance of catching him, I turned my bird homeward as well to learn of my flight members.

As I already mentioned, Wolfgang had already returned and was in fine health if not spirits. I learned from him that Jager had fallen to the guns of the Neiuport as well. He has still not returned to us and as of yet there is no word on his whereabouts.

It appears that we may have a talented opponent in that Neiuport pilot. I will have have to take special note of him next time we meet.

Always with respect,

Kiefer von Loganstein

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