Bloody April 1918 Campaign

Turn 14-24

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[SIZE=3]Turn 14[/SIZE]

Albers, who narrowly escaped 6 pursuing Spads from 19 Sqn after boldly shooting down a British observation balloon, finally recovers from his spinning flight. Albers pulled up, just above the ground, clipping the newly emerging spring buds off of a stand of trees. Wasting no time, he turned his machine towards the trenches and the sanctuary of the German lines. He had no altitude however, and the Tommies in the trenches watched his entire spin to the ground. They were already on the phone to report the kill when Albers pulled up, and a cry went up from the British troops. “Two pounds to whoever brings him down!” bellowed a sergeant. Lead flew and Albers plane was punished terribly. Clearing the trench, Albers limped his now crippled plane back towards home.

Rohlander, the solo German pilot from Jasta B, has been playing a cat and mouse game for most of the morning with the RE8 from 15 Sqn. Ralston and Fleming flew the RE8 over Bapaume taking pictures. As the RE8 approached the landing strip, Rohlander pounced. In the absence of any qualified pilots, can a [URL=""][COLOR="#0000FF"]flight school washout mechanic save the RE8?[/COLOR][/URL]

The crippled planes from Jasta 4 land. Guenther landed fine, but Proehl flipped his damaged craft over, coming to rest upside down.

The second escort flight from 3(N) dove down on the lone plane from Jasta 5, surprising him. The Brit Patel shot down the German pilot Hasche. Hasche survived the crash, but was wounded. Surprisingly the flight leader signaled the 3(N) flight to return to base! The specially equipped Spad had gone from 8 escorting camels to being on its own in only a few minutes!

The anti-aircraft was really warmed up by now. 15 Sqn was shot at but his own side as he returned.

12 Sqn saw Moore’s plane damaged by withering AA fire.

15 Sqn finished his first artillery spotting assignment as the target was destroyed.

[SIZE=3]Turn 15[/SIZE]

11 Sqn lands safely.

Evers safely lands his crippled plane at his home aerodrome of Phalempin.

The lone RE8 of 15 Sqn was damaged by German anti-aircraft fire. The pilot still refused to head home, and continued on to his second artillery cooperation target.

[SIZE=3]Turn 16[/SIZE]

Hale from 60 Sqn landed safely.

12 lost sight of the German Rumpler diving deep into German territory. With a sigh the flight commander headed back to the lines.

[SIZE=3]Turn 17[/SIZE]

The anti-aircraft batteries claim another hit, perhaps saving an Entente plane in the process. Teumer of Jasta 4 was hit, and while it wasn’t enough to bring him down, it was enough to convince Jasta 4 to abort instead of hunting the vulnerable RE8s that were in the area.

Jasta 1 (counter D) pounced on 3(N) (counter 4). The Third Naval Squadron momentarily lost sight of the German Albatros’, but managed to negate the advantage. This is being fought as a dogfight using the Bloody April rules, rather than resolving it with a Wings of Glory game. The first round was a draw, and the dogfight continues next round.

The dogfight between 3(N) and Jasta 1 continues. Wehmeyer suffered a mechanical failure (random event) as the top wing of his plane began vibrating noticeably. The English planes have the upper hand in the dogfight, but it is Taylor of 3(N) that stayed in the German crosshairs too long and gets badly damaged. His mechanics will have some damage to fix if he makes it home!

[SIZE=3]Turn 20[/SIZE]

2 Sqn flight B lands safely at Hesdingnuel.

[SIZE=3]Turn 21[/SIZE]

The pilots from Jasta 1 and 3(N) continue their struggle for supremacy. Wehmeyer takes crippling damage and dives away from the fight to return home.

[SIZE=3]Turn 22[/SIZE]

Jasta 11 rushes out to greet Albers as he lands safely from his balloon busting mission.

Todd from 3(N) flight A lands safely, the sole survivor of his flight.

The dogfight between 3(N) and Jasta 1 ends as the camels dive away, low on ammunition. (This was caused by a random event “Jammed Guns” but I ask how do 4 planes have jammed guns all at the same time? They were getting low on ammo too.)

[SIZE=3]Turn 23[/SIZE]

Jasta 4 lands.

[SIZE=3]Turn 24[/SIZE]

Rohlander from Jasta B lands, but his landing gear gives way from the hard landing, wrecking the plane.

19 Sqn (counter 12) attacks thinking they caught four planes from Jasta 1 at 12,600 feet, but a [URL="’s-a-Trap!"][COLOR="#0000FF"]furball erupts [/COLOR][/URL]as the four Albatros DVas whip around and spring the trap!

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