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Bloody April 1918 Campaign

Scenario 1 Turn 10

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Currently the Bloody April game is at turn 10. It is March 4th 1918. The current time is 10:48 AM The weather is clear, and a 15 MPH wind blows from the northeast.
The air is full of planes this morning with:

2 Sqn (Counter 1) performing an artillery cooperation mission trying to soften up fortifications in Lens.
2 Sqn (Counter 2) is just finishing up a photo recon mission over the Provin aerodrome and the railway around it. The aerodrome might be getting some new aircraft shipped to it, and HQ want to know what kind. 2 Sqn is heading back to base unaware that he is being stalked by a lone Albatros D.V (C).
60 Sqn is in German territory where Bell's Nieuport 24 bis suffered from an upper wing collapse as the green pilot pulled out of a dive to fast. Trying to make it back to the trenches, the poor pilot was pounced upon by Richthofen and his Jasta 11. Richthofen and Jasta 11 are returning to La Brayelle to get confirmation of Richthofen’s win. Bell's roundels will be in Richthofen's trophy collection before the day is through.
The rest of 60 Sqn engaged Jasta 4 in an arial battle pitting 5 Nieuport 24s against a mix of Albatros D.III and D.Vas.


15 Sqn is performing artillery cooperation at 6000 feet, while overhead 19 Sqn (Counter 12) is just crossing the trenched en route to an offensive patrol at 10,000 feet.
12 Sqn (Counter 5) is also performing artillery cooperation with the guns on target, and about to pound the German troops hidden in the woods (target 2).
Jasta 11 (A) is looking to take down a pesky British balloon (Balloon 4).
Shusta 4 (B) is signaling the artillery (BTYCON B) to commence firing on Danville (Target B).
The Albatros D.Vas of Jasta 1 (D) are heading to the lines in a defensive scramble.


3(N) Sqn (Counter 3 and below counter 10)has 2 flights of Sopwith Camels in the air escorting a specially modified Spad XIII from 57 Sqn ( Counter 10) for a long range recon mission over Cambrai.
Will they break off and investigate the lone Phalz D.III of Jasta Boelcke (F)? He may be able to catch up to the RE8 of 15 Sqn (7) that is heading home after photographing the Bapaume rail lines.


11 Sqn had completed a line patrol and engaged a pair of UFAG C.Is from Shusta 7. After a fierce battle [URL=""][COLOR="#0000FF"](Read the AAR here)[/COLOR][/URL] two SE5as and one UFAG C.I were destroyed, leaving Barkell running back for the safety of his lines, and the remaining German two-seater continuing with his artillery spotting.


The 60 Sqn bravely dove their Nieuport 24s to attack the Albatros mix of Jasta 4. This dogfight broke off into two separate furballs [URL=""][COLOR="#0000FF"](part 1)[/COLOR][/URL] [URL=""][COLOR="#0000FF"](Part 2)[/COLOR][/URL] that saw two British Nieuports and one German Albatros shot down. Cosby and Hale's planes were crippled, and all of the British pilots aborted their mission and are heading home if they can make it.
While Proehl and Guenther turned back home with crippled planes, Moser Teumer and Kruse could still chase down one of the scattered British Nieuports and finish the job, sending it to the earth.
Jasta 4's Teumer and Proehl each claimed thier first victory for the Germans, while Ivans scored his first victory for the Union Jack.

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    whats the map off, obviously a board game...whats it called?
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    It looks familiar but I can't place it, is it an online game of sorts?
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    Bloody April: Air War over Arras France 1917 by GMT Games is the boardgame.
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    And T-Mo just happens to be the game's designer