Introducing a novice

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[QUOTE=CdnFlyer;189248]Hello All,

I'm a complete noob to this and I don't even own the game. I'm really,really, really hoping to find a copy of this game as it looks absolutely amazing. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and if anyone can direct me where to find the starter rules and accessories i would very much appreciate that. I'm interested in the WW1 version and I'm looking for direction. This might seem like a dumb question, but after much scouring the web, is this game no longer in production?:confused: Please help![/QUOTE]

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  1. orcafinn's Avatar
    Try 12-7 games website. When you order the Duelpack, you will get 2 planes and the basic rules. I started in Wing of War, and after a hiatus it looks like Wings of Glory has replaced WoW. 12-7 has the items in stock, I just ordered (and received) some WOG items from them last week- including the duel pack.