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WGS NOR01.2 - Norwegian Gladiator

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Uploaded by Carl_Brisgamer - 05-12-2016
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On 9 April 1940 the Norwegian Jagevingen based at Fornebu, Oslo, with seven serviceable Gloster Gladiator Mik.II biplane fighters were called upon to oppose the might of the Luftwaffe's Fliegerkorps X numbering hundreds of modern fighters and bombers. In this historical scenario for 1-3 players Lt. Dag Krohn's Norwegian Gladiator attacks a Heinkel He-111 escorted by a twin-engine Messerschmitt Bf-110 'Zerstörer' as the Luftwaffe aircraft cross the coast of Norway.


  • WGS NOR01.2 - Norwegian Gladiator


05-19-2016 at 07:38
I have uploaded version 1.2 of this scenario.