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WoG Manoeuvre Deck Breakdown v.4

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Uploaded by flash - 01-04-2015
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In this fourth version - I have made corrections, additions and added the new X & Y decks
There are two further worksheets with different ways of breaking down the manoeuvre decks that may help searching the data.
As always it is a breakdown of all the official and unofficial (*) manoeuvre decks to date and ties in with speed ratings as given in the Unofficial Stats Committee's 'Tools For Working Out Stats' doc. Page one is based on an original document created by Zoe that I dropped into Excel a couple of years ago and have been updating and revising since then.
Some aircraft types are listed but is not exhaustive or intended to be but is for you to add your own as to your needs. If you don't have certain decks this document will help you to create them from what you have - examples are given eg U from O or M decks but again this is not exhaustive and you can add your own notes.
Using the auto filter and freeze panes functions help with quick easy referencing of this data and I would suggest you copy & paste the worksheet into your copy of the Unofficial Stats excel doc to have all the data in one place which is why I've placed it in this file area. Cheers Dave.


  • WoG Manoeuvre Deck Breakdown v.4


03-19-2015 at 02:18
Errata - in the breakdown 3 worksheet the O deck has 2 left and right 90 degree turns not 1 each way. Put that down to number blindness by that stage of creation - if you spot any other let me know ! Cheers Dave