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WGF IF01 - The Falcon Falls

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Uploaded by Carl_Brisgamer - 06-12-2016
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"Northern Italy, 31 July 1918: At 0825hrs Oberleutnant Frank Linke-Crawford the commanding officer of Fliegerkompanie 60J (Flik 60J) took off from Feltre airfield in his Aviatik D.1 serial 115.32 with three other pilots. An experienced Jagdflieger with 27 victories to his credit, Linke-Crawford was known as der Falke von Feltre (the Falcon of Feltre). After encountering a formation of Sopwith Camels of 45 Squadron RAF Obltn. Linke-Crawford was separated from his flight. He was then attacked by two Italian Hanriot HD.1 scouts flown by Sergente Pilota Ciampatti and Caporale Pilota Aldo Astolfi of 81a Squadriglia de Caccia."

This WGF historical scenario requires one Series 6 Aviatik D.I of Austro-Hungarian ace Frank Linke-Crawford and two Series 6 Italian Hanriot HD.1s.


  • WGF IF01 - The Falcon Falls


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