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Zeppelin Movement Template B&W

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Uploaded by Teaticket - 02-13-2015
Author Author Peter Landry
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This is an upgrade from the Change Direction Template that is used for Zeppelins along with an XD movement card. The movement distance is now on the template, with full engines and 1-2 engine movement. Turn arc for both as well.

If the Zeppelin base is marked at the midpoint on the long sides, this template placed along side matching the midpoint, will give you turning and movement distances. The inner circle is used for a slower speed with engine damage while the mid circle is used for full speed. Turning arcs are marked accordingly.

The color version has red for engine damage and lesser turning ability in red, full capability in green. An extra turning band is there for any future options.

You only really need half of this. A half circle cut north/south should work fine.




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