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BSG Damage Recording Sheets

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Uploaded by OldGuy59 - 01-11-2020
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For use when you want to track damage on ships for "historical" purposes, or when you only have one set of damage chits, and a lot of ships on the table. This goes to 30 damage, as I will eventually table a Colonial Shuttle Mk I, with a projected Structure of 30 (unofficial stats).

Print onto Letter or A4, back-print again, and you should have two double-sided records per page. Cut into two records, and if you fold them, there should be a Ships Stat "card" on the top of the fold, and a damage record sheet inside.

It is up to the players how they use the sheets.

1. Draw damage and keep it, but record the damage, and circle any special damage results as a reminder of any new restrictions.
2. Draw damage in a phase/turn, record damage, and after everyone has drawn and recorded damage, return all the chits to the bins/bags.
3. Draw damage in a phase, record it, and return the chits to the bins/bags immediately, before anyone else resolved hits and damage.

Note: There is an honesty thing with recording and returning chits. I fake marking damage, even if I draw "0"s. I have even drawn an extra chit that wasn't required, to fake out my opponent. So, know your opponent, and trust them to play "fair" (IE: record the actual damage, despite the psychological warfare during the game).




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