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Maeuver Deck XDs

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Uploaded by OldGuy59 - 07-26-2014
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This is a slow deck for planes under 120 kph, using the XD deck as a guide, shortening the arrows by 4mm, as indicated in this thread: Point System for Wings of Glory

Please print the PDF file without scaling, and when you get a warning that there are areas outside of the printable page, allow printing without adjustment. You are printing an 8.5x11 inch graphic, but the actual cards should be inside the margins. At least, that is what works on my printer. Scaling the page to fit your printer will change the size of the cards.


  • Maeuver Deck XDs


09-16-2014 at 10:28

Do you have the others manouver decks? XA, XB, XC?
Sorry for my english

07-07-2016 at 23:15
This is a custom deck for a specific request, and doesn't currently violate Ares Intellectual Property Rights. All current Ares Maneuver Decks are available through the purchase of Ares models, and any maneuver decks printed by Ares have been removed from the site by the Administrators, if not by the authors.

The site administrators will not approve any posting of Ares Intellectual Property, to prevent a Cease and Desist order from Ares. Additionally, the site doesn't want to infringe on any production of Wings of Glory products that might result in Ares deciding that Wings of Glory isn't profitable enough and stops all production of Wings of Glory product.

That's the long NO answer to your question.