Files: Piaggio P.108B Bomber Management Card

Piaggio P.108B Bomber Management Card

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Uploaded by OldGuy59 - 04-21-2014
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Part II - Management Card
Requested by Manzotti Edoardo [Raptor], and my first Bomber Card.
P.108B with remote Wing turrets and Ventral turret. Hence, the gunners in the fuselage, and arcs on the wings for guns II and III. The remote turrets were supposed to be inaccurate and prone to failure, this is not reflected in the damage. House Rules required.
I would suggest that Gunners 2, 3, and 6 could swap positions, if one was injured (Remote turret operators). Gunners 1, 4 and 5 could also swap, with a two or three maneuver delay for moving to and from position 1. House Rules required.
Just for Raptor, the background is the South coast of Sicily, using Google Earth.

Part I - Plane Card in previous upload

Note: uploaded low res, will try for higher later.




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