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Strips for Card Decks -Word Version

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Uploaded by OldGuy59 - 08-09-2013
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This is a version of Dan-Sam's original idea, but in MS Word - table format It contains WWI and WWII strips. There are thre different colours of the "Wings of War" graphic (Red, Blue, and Blue-Grey), and different formats for some. No, I don't plan on doing a "Wings of Glory" graphic, but you could do your own. It contains Maneuver Decks, specific Airplane Packs, Damage Decks and other decks. The Maneuver Decks are done in text and with a Maneuver Arrow graphic. There are a bunch of roundels, but not all different countries, just my collection.

A convenient link for roundel graphics is Roundels of the World.

This is meant to be edited, and used to make up your own strips to suit your collection. I have included sleeved decks, too, where I used sleeves on some decks and cards (46 mm wide, vs 44 mm).

In the table, there is a portion of the strip that is used as a gluing edge. In that gluing edge, I sometimes put in information (IE: "B7" would indicate maneuver deck B, and 7mm of length in the sides to be the right "height" for the deck. "A7.5 (G)" would indicate the height at 7.5mm but also a new Wings of Glory deck. "G12S 46" would indicate maneuver deck G, 12 mm side height, the "S" would indicate that the cards were sleeved, and 46 mm wide, not 44 mm like the standard card width.), some of which was just to help me organize all my cards, and sometimes just to remember what edge to cut or leave on which strip.

Hope this helps some of you, and any thanks should go to Dan-Sam for a great idea!





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