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Files: Target Cards the Match the Mat set I: Factories

Target Cards the Match the Mat set I: Factories

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Uploaded by BraselC5048 - 12-05-2021
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(Fixed Download) Set I of Target Cards that Match the Mat: Factories. A pair of factory target cards for the Industrial Area mat, carefully edited to perfectly match a specific spot on that mat, so that it looks like the factory and target card are part of the mat itself. (There aren't actually factories there on the mat.) Both go in a specific spots roughly 1 1/2 rulers in sideways and lengthwise from the corner, to suit mission rules. The red dot functions for determining a direct hit as normal; the crosshairs serve no function except to make it easier to find the target card! Color matching depends on printer, materials and lighting; experiment with print settings to get the best results for your gaming area and card making methods. Comes two versions for each factory: chimney smoke, and no chimney smoke.

Right Factory:

Left Factory:




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