Files: Dave's D8 AI Solo Chart D* v.2

Dave's D8 AI Solo Chart D* v.2

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Uploaded by flash - 01-30-2021
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A development of the Richard Bradley's solo charts & the advanced solo charts by Blackronin that use a D8 for selection and all the cards that appear in the deck.
No steep cards are marked but should be fairly obvious and are taken into account in the move selections.. Should the roll throw up consecutive stalls when planning the next manoeuvre either roll again or replace the first card with whatever is best in the situation you have.
Decks with different speeds but the same manoeuvres are grouped together - Some are individual.
This one covers the D* Deck for the Sopwith Pup.
It's thought by some that the D deck is not a good fit for the the Pup, discussion has brought up the possibility of changing one of the sharp right turns to a sharp left turn, thus giving that option in each direction. This AI chart is for solo gamers with that option.
See hear if interested:
Should there be any further developments new versions will be posted. (v.2 when published!) I hope they bring some success to your solo gaming.




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