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German Dornier Do. 17 Z series Load Plan

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Uploaded by THECCRICH - 05-03-2020
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This is an updated load plan for the Wings of Glory Aircraft Miniature, German Dornier Do. 17 Z1 and 10 using real life data as it related to the Wings of Glory game mechanics, and the Per Barrel Calibration (PBC) damage figures.

I hope you enjoy the Load Plan,

Mod Overview:
This modification is used in conjunction with the Wings of Glory (WOG) WWII game system and simulates the ability to complete a Load Plan. Load Plans are used to arrange the weights of fuel, crew, and munitions to meet the specific demands of a mission/game.

The objectives of this mod are:

1. To determine the FRET (Fuel Required Engaging Target) figure. This is the setting for the amount of fuel (in pounds) an aircraft would have available for use during a game. This figure is created by estimating the amount of slow and fast maneuver cards to be played during the game.
2. To offer alternative fuel use figures specific to each aircraft. As an example, an Avro Lancaster has a fast fuel unit use figure of 31; meaning, 31 pounds of fuel are used for each fast maneuver played. In this case, the aircraft’s fuel supply/setting/count would be reduced by 31 (instead of the standard 2 from the WOG rules).
3. To modify the amount of available ammunition if needed. When using a load plan, the number of rounds/bullets for each aircraft gun can be reduced to free up weight for additional fuel, crew, or munitions.
4. To offer additional armament such as cannons, field modified weapon pods, and rockets (specific to aircraft type).
5. To confirm the aircraft’s load remains within its weight carrying limitations and maximum take off weight.
6. To modify flight performance if loads are exceptionally heavy or light.
7. To incorporate the Per Barrel Calibration (PBC) rating for each weapon.

Note: Although ever attempt was made to make the figures within this modification accurate, they are still based on available historic data (data estimated if not available) which is then applied to the Wings of Glory game under the following three assumptions:
A. The time span from one maneuver card to the next is 15 seconds.
B. The distance spanned across the face of one maneuver card to the next is 1.5 miles (when at altitude).
C. The fast and slow lines that appear on the face of each aircraft’s straight maneuver card are an accurate representation of that aircraft’s relative speed to other aircraft.

Additionally, note the figures (MPG [Miles per Gallon {US}] SWOGR [Slow Wings of Glory Rate], FWOGR [Fast Wings of Glory Rate], SFBR [Slow Fuel Burn Rate], and FFBR [Fast Fuel Burn Rate]) at the bottom of each fuel section. These figures can be used to calculate travel times, fuel consumption, or the effect of damage imposed on the engine and fuel systems by the Combat Damage Mod (if in use).

In conclusion, the goal of this modification is to add experience and narrative to an already exciting game.


  • German Dornier Do. 17 Z series Load Plan


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