Files: WGF MATES (Maneuver Templates)

WGF MATES (Maneuver Templates)

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Uploaded by Sashdash - 08-04-2016
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The WGF MATES are ment to help those players who...
... are using AI controlled aircraft...
... or those not wanting to search there deck for the right maneuvers....
... or those players having more planes than maneuver decks...
... or even those whose decks are totaly worn out...

For more information go the corresponding Thread.

... and others of whom I haven't thought of

I have implemented all maneuvers of one deck onto one card (2-sided).

At this point the following decks are implemented in the file: A->W, XA->XD

Update V1-0 (08-07-2016): I have added a Tuckbox for the MATES on the last page of the PDF file.

Update V1-1 (08-10-2016): I have corrected the Side slips of the following decks -> D, F, I, M, O, U.
D-Deck: There is a difference in the old (Nexus) and new (Ares) Side Slips of around 2,8 mm
F, I, M, O, U - Decks: There was an error of 1,5 mm in the Side Slips in the old version, which I have corrected.

Update V1-2 (09-12-2016):
- I have added MATES for the new maneuver decks X and Y and a Tuckbox for those using sleeves.
- I also fixed a minor error (1 mm) on the side slips for the following group of cards: E,G,P,R,T,Y.

Update V1-3 (10-13-2016):
- Fixed a Typo on the P-Deck card. The side slip (# 15, 16) had a steep maneuver symbol. I have removed the symbol.

Have fun with it


  • WGF MATES (Maneuver Templates)


08-22-2016 at 17:51
These look very good but I will ask Sascha for the folding version as I always have problems lining up double sided stuff.
08-07-2016 at 05:35
Thanks for this!

I am sure it will speed up my solo games!
Bobby D
08-07-2016 at 06:33
Wow! This is awesome. Thank you so much!
Flying Officer Kyte
08-07-2016 at 08:50
Very gratefully accepted Sascha, as it will cut down playing time to half what it is now and packing up even more.
08-07-2016 at 13:06
Hate to be picky, but could you rearrange the decks so that the same deck cards print on the same paper side? This ensures that the cards actually stay together, and if you cut them out with a common side, then fold them over, they should be perfect.

Even professional printers have to adjust individual sheets of paper as they go through the press to ensure double-sided prints are lined up, but home printers don't do that. You night need to leave a bit of space between cards for the paper fold, too.

I can adjust your work to make this change myself, but others may not be able to.

Awesome work, in any event. Thanks!
08-07-2016 at 15:06
Well, I printed the double-side on my printer (Canon MG5250) and the sides were properly lined up, because both sides are centered.
But if you do have problems with the printing then I would consider making a second version to fold with the same deck cards on the same paper side.

My only problem is that I don't know how much space to leave for the fold between the two sides.
Maybe you could help me out here Mike if I'd send you the original file? I will send you a PM.

08-07-2016 at 15:33
I have just had an idea on how to make a Version to fold.
This shouldn't take much time to make.
So if anybody wants a version to fold rather than this double-sided version please feel free to contact me via PM
and I will send you the other version with the folding of the cards.

05-21-2017 at 07:05
These are amazing. Thanks a bunch for creating them!
08-06-2017 at 16:24
Thanks for putting these together, I'm looking forward to trying them out!
12-15-2017 at 02:39
Hi Gents ... these are fantastic and a great help sorting my missing N Deck cards ...... did anyone ever produce something similar but as individual cards and not with multiple maneuvers on?
02-01-2018 at 16:46
These really are fantastic. Well done!