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Files: KotA 1.9.1

KotA 1.9.1

Uploaded by Oberst Hajj - 10-24-2009
Author Author Keith Upton
File Size File Size 1.63 MB
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A full set of campaign rules complete with tiered Ace Skills, Missions and plane listing.


  • KotA 1.9.1


01-28-2010 at 13:04
I can't open doc files Any chance of a PDF?
11-16-2011 at 07:28
I have noticed that the files here bear .exe extension when I try to download them thru Opera browser; when I use IE - they are .doc files. Correct.
10-11-2011 at 11:51
This is an .exe file. Cannot read nor execute it Is it possible to get it in a .doc or .pdf file?
Biggles downunder
12-05-2012 at 21:15
I have taken the liberty of downloading this Word document and converting it to pdf - just not sure how to upload it to here though.
03-01-2013 at 06:10
Thanks Keith, I have just downloaded the KotA. Looks great and I plan to use this set for a campaign in the NWS
(Napoleonic Wargaming Society) .