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  1. Ahh, that's better! I'm sure that is where the link will go if/when I put up a classified function.
  2. That was quite confusing the way I worded that. I mean put a link on the navigation bar next to medals, or forums, or members list called "classifieds" for all of us sellers and buyers.
  3. I'm not following what you mean by "with viewing ability for all on the navbar above". Let me look as see what all I actually have and I'll get back to you about the card stuff.
  4. A simple chat function with viewing ability for all on the navbar above, like the way we're communicating right now, would work for me. How much do you want for your unused plane and maneuver decks, and all other such stuff?
  5. Not a bad idea. I know there are some system out there that work with the software I'm using for this site.
  6. How about a classifieds area where players can avoid Ebay, and share the wealth between ourselves by advertising and selling unwanted WoW game pieces and such to each other. This is for all of us "card" players who hear you "minis" guys saying things like, "I have all my cards put away in an old, lonely, forgotten shoe box." We could use those cards.
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