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  1. Hi Chris, I'm out and about for the next few weeks - Shrivenham, Devonport and then doing some technical teaching. I think I'm back in commission for a game around about the 2nd week in Feb. From memory that may tie in with the end of your 3 weeks working.
  2. Hi Chris, how did the games evening go? I tried to get along to cribbs for a few minutes but I didn't get away from work until half six and had to go straight out with my Dutch guests. Next week I'm in Rosyth on Wednesday. I may be able to make the Wednesday afterwards (8th?) but may be in Scotland again
  3. Hi Dave if you cant make this Wed how about the following ?
  4. Hi Dave, would you be able to make it to Cribbs this Wed coming 24 Nov if I can arrange?
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