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  1. Heya Cowman, thanks for offering to show me the ropes. Things are pretty busy for me right now, but if things clear up I'll shoot you a tell. Like your handle.
  2. Thanks for addding me to your wingman list... I was serious about the offer to get together for a few games. I am heading out to Armoury Games in Pickerington tomorrow to put in an order for some WoW goodies... and am planning on discussing hijacking one or two of his game tables for some WoW sometime soon. I am disabled and do not drive... so Armoury Games is easier for me to get to... although even then I sometimes have to find rides... but I am sure I can figure something out and I have friends who would likely join us... could be fun! You can call me at 614-359-5512(cell) if you like.
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