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  1. Hello my friend,

    Today I do one year of wing of war member.

    My regards
  2. Col. Sir,

    We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Portugal Group
  3. Hello,

    I just received a note indicating that Andrea Angiolino will be in Portugal at 30 and 31 of January 2010, in the convention LeiriaCon 2010

    I think that this will be fantastic

    I would like to broadcast this, but I do not have permission to access the news page at the forum

    Can you do that for me.

    My regards
  4. It's in the hobby section of the File System.
  5. Glad you like the transport system I use. Did you see the file to help you layout how your planes are going to go?
  6. Hello,

    Your system to transport the planes is an excelente idea, I going to buy same foam.

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