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  1. Happy Halloween Col. Sir! Could you lock out the CURSES! Thread since I intended this to be a Halloween joke and it seems to have worked. I hope everyone caught the tounge in cheek flavor of it. ( I realize that some things don't translate well into other languages) I am currently working on some rules for 1930's racing planes with graphics, and a WWII German fighter marking file. I will post both as soon as they are finished. LO!
  2. HELP!! I'm having trouble logging in, sometimes it works sometimes it does'nt. Sometimes I can only log in on the left side of the home page, sometimes I can only log in on the one in the top right corner. The "thankyou for logging in Charlie3" message always comes up, but when it redirects, I am still not logged in.
  3. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the site. I have found the other WoW sites frustrating because they had to use. I hope you can keep up the good work.
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