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  1. Yeah I figured that out but didn't have time message you. Sorry thats what you get when you have rynos for players
  2. No bother at all! You can send them to me at:

    Keith Upton
    7965 Mount Hayden Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80924

  3. Sorry to bohter you but where di I send the box tops?

    Flight Leader flyingryno
  4. Are you talking about your profile picture? All of that is found in the Settings menu liked at the top right of each page.
  5. Sorry to bother you but how do I post my photo on my entry page?
  6. Thanks
  7. Great news man! I've promoted you to FL and Gunners will be working on your sig image over the next couple of days. As soon as I get it, I'll add it to your account.
  8. Hello

    I've started a gaming group in Modesto Ca., We have 6 people playing with a core of 4, their are others but they have not registered on the aerodrome. We'd like to start a flight.

    Mike Hisaw (flyingryno)
  9. Thank you, I now have 4 players. gut only two are registered online. Third will register this week.
    1st. Lt. flyingryno
  10. Micheal, the place to post game announcements in is in the US Wing section under Report for Duty. Good luck on getting a gaming group going. If you get 5-6 members here on the site from your local area, we can setup a Flight for ya.

  11. Heer Oberst, I'd like to know what forum to place a message to the gamers around here in the Central Valley about meeting at store for gaming. We only have three people right now and I'd like to expand that a Bite. I'd like to set up a Flight Here in Modesto. Three people and maybe 3 others that have been sucked into a 2 games. Right now we meet every Monday night at 5:30-6:00PM. Calling ourselves the OFAC group. Sorry if I'm doing this wrong but, I just don't know who else would know.
    Micheal Hisaw (1st.Lt. flyingryno)
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