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  1. Glad you got the map sorted out. As for players in your area, try Jmac and Willi Von Klugermann. They are both from NJ, not sure how close to you they are though. JMAC is pretty hardcore about the game, he might be persuaded to come by the store to help promote the game with you. Good luck!
  2. Never mind my last message post - I found your video instructions - Somehow I missed the edit button D'oh all is good now. <sigh> Nobody around me here in New Jersey to invite over to the gaming store. Oh well, maybe find some new players there interested in WoW. Thanks
  3. Hello Col. Hajj,

    Haven't been on in a while - but I went to use the Google Player Locater map to see if anyone was near me (a gaming store close by to me is starting up a some gaming nights) but I noticed my ICON "Cybermaxx" has been edited by a sergio.massa and it's like in the middle of no where. I went to update it myself but I can't seem to do that - maybe if you are able to delete me I'll just re-add myself back to the map in the proper location. Thanks
  4. First - thanks for the wonderful site, best WoW site on the net by far. Next, I've updated my choice for my avatar background just wondering if you can perform your little magic. Currently when I post my background is coming up black, as well as viewing my older posts in the forum. Cheers - CyberMaxX
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