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  1. Aha. I thought it might have been something like that. Thanks for approving it.
  2. I have to approve all of the files before they become viewable by the public. You files have now been approved.

    I'm glad you like the site!
  3. Hello, I finally got around to uploading the lozenge pattern decal sheet I've made for the Gotha a couple of weeks ago, but it's not there to download. Is there something else I need to do, have I done it wrong or is it just waiting for approval?

    Without wishing to sound sycophantic, I'd just like to say that this site is an example to anyone wanting to run a forum. It's friendly, informative, well laid out and easy to use. The accessories are well thought out and excellent quality. I've also just been looking at your album, and the quality of painting in there is impressive.
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