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  1. Kieth just an idea for the flight stands, could you produce a 2 seater stand with just a rear gun arc there are now starting to be avaible a lot of WW1 & WW2 2 seaters with just a rearward MG. Alastair
  2. Glad I could help!
  3. Kieth thanks for my order which arrived today. I appreciate you getting the Flight of the Giants as there are none in Brisbane and there were only a few when they were released! Thanks mate Alastair
  4. Pay pal did not accept that one either is there any other e-mail address I could send it to?
  5. Doug, the old Flights (social groups) were removed a long time ago. Are you still seeing something on the site or your profile that shows you a member of the Annerly Flight? If so, could you take a screen shot and send it to me...

  6. Kieth I am a member of the Annerly flight but cannot amend my profile to fix this up can you tell me what to do, Regards Alastair
  7. Doug, no worries as it is not very clear. At the bottom of the post that you want to award Rep points for, locate the red star and click on it. That will pop up a window where you can leave either positive or negative Rep along with a comment in regards to why you are giving Rep (highly recommended btw).
  8. Col excuse my ignorance but how do you award reputation points to members? Alastair
  9. Thanks for your PM in explaning the realities of my ideas I do think that this sight and its members can play an important part in the continuation of this game but we will have to wate till the muddied waters clear. Thanks Alastair
  10. Hello Alastair,

    It's great to see site members willing to step up and help save the game. The copyrights to the game are still owned by Nexus (or an individual that used to work for them) and as such, we still can not go about making game components for sell with out legal issues. In fact, depending on which company that picks the game up, many of my bases could be removed from the range. I don't foresee that happening, but it could. Also, Andrea (from what I understand from him) sold the rights to publish the game to Nexus. If a new company is going to pick the game up, he would want to make sure they have a clear road ahead of them, so I doubt he would want to have any officially unofficial releases out there.
  11. Heer Oberst, I have been doing some thinking (yes my ex and children advise me against this) if nexus is dead, there in my view there are several things the sight can do in the Aerodrome Accessories
    1/ There are no manouver decks for DoW light and medium bomber, would it be possible to perswade Angilo to draw up a set and sell them as a pdf file.? This could also apply to the rules as well.
    2/ Bases, excellent bases are already made made with the eception of a generic base for DoW twin engined bombers, and I assume we would be able to make our own pegs
    3/ The custom designed aircraft cards could be also sold as a pdf, the file would contain a selection of different aircraft for a select nation like Brittain, the USA and so on.
    As I said these are rough ideas that need polishing, but basicly what I am trying to say is that I belive we as a society could help fill in the gaps and hopefuly inject some funds into the society. One after though it may take some funds into getting things set up but I four one would be willing to contribute. Regards Alastair
  12. Thanks for the award this is a good sight which I enjoy being a part off. Alastair
  13. Gudday Col, Barry from NSW ask me to send you a list of the cars I have for disposal, so here is the list:
    4 x Assorted Baloon cards
    10 x Fokker DR1 cards
    8 x fockker EIII
    6 x Fokker EV
    7 x DH2
    4 x Albatros DIII
    4 x Albatros DV
    8 x Sopwith triplane
    10 x Nieuport 17
    6 x Rolland CII
    8 x Spad XIII
    3 x Pealz DIII
    4 x Ufag
    7 x Morain - Sarliner
    7 x Nieuort 11
    6 x Nieuport 16
    3 x Nieuport 23
    5 x RE8
    6 x Halberstadt DII
    2 x Hanriot HD1
    5 x Sopwith Camel
    2 x DH4
    5 x Breduet BR14
    3 x Pomlio PC

    To the best of my knowledge most cards are different. (though there may be some back up's) As stated in my post would rather trade for mins than sell. Regards Alastair
  14. Doug, you need to upload the photo as your Profile Picture, not in an album. You do this via Edit Profile Picture. Thanks!
  15. Sir I am having problems in getting my phote from it's album onto the site leaders thread, how do you do this regards Alastair (Health warning this picture can cause psychological distress)
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I updated your account.
  17. Sir, my e-mail address has changed (i have gone from dail up to ADSL) Alastair
  18. Paul Howard from Helmet Aircraft 200 is seeking expression of intrest of what WW2 aircraft players are intrested in. As this is a wings of war sight I though I would ask you if this was possible. Regards Doug
  19. Col thanks for the information on the cannon armed Huricaine Doug
  20. Col may I have your view on what shooting markers for long range and short range for a Hurrican IIC with 4 x 20mm cannon. Thanks Doug
  21. Col thanks for the award, but on the other hand I an embaressed as it was only a small amount Doug
  22. Gudday Col, thankyou, at the moment I am thinking of the deck used by the RE8 but only the basic manouver cards as it was a very stable aircraft, anyway I will give it ago and see what ideas we can come up with at the club. Regards Doug
  23. Col I was wondering if you could surgest which manouver deak a British BE.2C could use?
    Thanks Doug.
  24. Col, thanks for sending me details of the German Goth they are what I will use. The Flight of the Giants looks good. Regards Doug
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