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  1. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for the kind comments. One of the reason why miniatures don't come out so often is that the publisher don't want the game to be too demanding for players' wallets... I think that many people would like a quicker pace, but so it goes.
    Thanks again and all the best!
  2. Angiolillo,
    Thought I woul take a moment to say thank you. This is a great game, made better by the miniatures. Thanks to you I have the best collection of WWI aircraft I have ever had(plus I get to use them in the game instead of them just sitting on a shelf). And I have been interested in WWI aviation since the late 1960's when I was a kid. Great selection of aircraft miniatures, and it only looks to get better with furture releases. Plus I don't mind the wait as it gives me time to save up some money so I can buy the full set. Keep up the great work! greg
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